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July 16, 2007



Oh, no! I'm glad eBay was so helpful and sympathetic, but what a massive headache! I hope it stays clear now!


I don't own a PC. I am not a shareholder or a seller of this software, but... I have heard that NOD32 is the way to go with internet security. It keeps all of the virus stuff off your computer and lets you live free of stomach aches due to internet thieves.

I am glad eBay way so responsive for you!


Whoa, how scary! I never change my passwords because how in the world could I retain all that info?! Something new to worry about....


wow -- my sister had that happen to her when she was visiting here in California from her home in Tasmania. Same thing with the electronic equipment, but apparently the "new" address was somewhere in Alabama! I'm lazy about changing my passwords, too -- too hard to remember them! but maybe I'll try to do that sometime soon.


Just had to chime in and say that happened to me too - same exact details and everything. What a sad and scary place we live in nowadays!


Oh, man. I live in fear of this kind of thing. And my husband is downright paranoid of it!


Ugh! As if you don't have enough change of address going on in your real life! Hope the situation stays under control now, and that some scraps can soothe you. I love sewing together those little bits into fabric!


Stink, stink and double stink!!! Someone stole my credit card number two weeks ago. I can relate to your stress :(


That story is horrifying. However, your scrap playing is adorable!


YIKES! I'm glad ebay has been so helpful. I had no idea that could even happen if you hadn't clicked on a phishing email...


Download, install and run Spybot and Ad-Aware scans regularly. That helps a lot. Or better yet! Get a Mac. :-)

Best of luck, that's horrible to go through.


Oh, I covet your scrap bags!

So sorry about the ebay thing and glad you caught it early and they fixed it. Too bad you can't set Bruce Willis on them.


Ugh! I had my identity stolen in the past and it's the worst feeling. I hope that will be the end of it.

BTW - Love the scraps!


that's pretty frightful. you always think it could never happen to you...until it does. i will never throw away another scrap again. ziplock bags, why didn't i think of that? gotta tame the clean freak in me.


awful awful awful. fingers crossed you are safe now. love your scrap play!


Please forgive me for this but you made me laugh out loud at 6ish in the a.m. I'm really sorry about your troubles with the on-line thing but I can't stop laughing at the Mole Mountie and my son is on the floor about the Cornhole thing!!!I hope your week improves-you've sure improved our day here!

Scribbles & Bits

Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry! I hope this doesn't happen again!

The scraps look pretty cute! It's nice to do stuff like that sometimes. Sometimes you spot combinations that you really wouldn't have guessed you'd like (well, I do, at any rate!) Good luck with the Mole Mountie!


My account was compromised once and I couldn't get any new password to work and a nice guy from ebay and I talked on the phone several times one evening and got it straightened out.
I hope the showing was successful. I have been run off my feet with them.


Scary stuff--so sorry! Your baggies of scraps coupled with your story of identity hijacking made me think of that trite but true saying, "When life hands you scraps, make quilts." You might enjoy my friend's new blog: www.exuberantcolor.blogspot.com
She does a lot with scraps too.

Jane Ann

Aw, Jan, I'm sorry, but at least your sense of humor wasn't hijacked. Now I'm off to my eBay account....


Yep! Sickening feeling is right. Our first time was 4 weeks before they stole our cc number and had their little party. I got an email from Paypal saying thanks for the book purchase in China! Turns out that wasn't related and just a number tranposition problem, but it took 10 days to get my money back and we changed everything. Didn't work. They still stole the account numbers a month later. According to hubby, these people have 50 computers running hacker programs all day long and they do nothing but hack passwords until they happen upon one they can crack. Change the passwords, weekly dump all your internet history and hit "remove all personal data" on your Tools bar. You have to constantly enter that stuff again but it stops it from popping up when you type in the first letter of your name..or worse, the first number of your card!

So sorry Jan!


oh poor you! what a nightmare... I guess it's the downsight of 'civilisation'.

Shall we go back to exchanging shells?



Love the scraps!

Sonnja from the Netherlands


wow! What a horrible ordeal! I better check and make sure everything in my accounts is okay!
Love your scraps!



I've lived in corn/soybean central all but 2 years of my life and I've never heard of cornhole. Had to look it up and now I am in the know.whew.We used to go on snipe hunts as kids...but thats a different story!! Love the scrap play.....some of my best work has started out as nothing but fabric shrapnel.. sorry to hear of your internet nightmare!!


Love the colours. Did you know that you could add 5 of the background hexagons to each flower and then if you put them together always in the same direction it will all fit together?

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