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April 16, 2007


Lisa D.

What a GREAT group of blocks! Such diverse fabrics make them all just POP! Have fun playing!


It's great that the quilting is helping you reduce the stress of moving. Go for it!


Very relaxing colors. I love those greens. It's no wonder you've been drawn to those fabrics. I say flit away, but of course I'm a professional flitter!


Call it fabric therapy. Sometimes we all need it. The blocks look beautiful!


OH YEAH!! love them!! this is a perfectly normal midwestern reaction to missing a large quiltshow!! A good new project fiddle is a sure sign you are on the road to recovery!!


Perfect! I love the little blocks. I know just what you mean - sometimes I just want to sit and sew. Not think that much, just take things as they come. I think that's why I've enjoyed doing the string and crumb blocks so much. So glad you took this time just for you!


Relax... everything will fall in place. Good for you!


I love it! I've always wanted to do a basket quilt and this looks like a simple block that looks great!

May Britt

I agree with you. Sewing i SO relaxing. Do not mind people saying you should put away the sewing and relax. They do not know what they are talking about. The blocks you are doing are great. beautiful colours. I love the green on top left. It makes it so georgius


Looking good. This looks to be an excellent vehicle for stress relief. And better for you than controlled substances.


What a lovely relax project !!! Love the colours !!!


And what a great way to relax! You've got to fight to find the balance sometimes. Love the colours and the block choice too.


flitting off to another project is the best medicine sometimes...go play, you deserve it and we need some eye candy

Anne Heidi

These blocks are wonderful, I love the fabrics you are using! Sewing should be fun and relaxing, and new projects are always fun :)


I love those baskets...I've got a basket quilt on my wish list.


I like them all but particularly the ones on the right in the bottom picture. Nice and old-fashiony.


Pretty! Hey, if it's making you happy and relaxed, who care?!?

Tonya R

Good for you! Relax and play.


Lord. For anyone thinking you should be doing other things -- go do something else yourself! (Not eloquently written, I realize.) You don't come to Bemused to hassle Jan. You come to oogle the fabrics, get inspiration and smile.

amy k.

oh these look lovely jan! and I think the best way is to jump around from project to project, perfect for my ADD!


if life's creative path is straight and narrow, i would be suspect of it's real creativity!! glad to know you take the winding road too.... lovely patches and i can feel the "calm" from them


I love your blocks! There is absolutely nothing wrong with following your muse wherever she takes you.....


I made a quilt with that same block pattern. Love your colors.


Moving is in the top three stressors we can go through. Take care of yourself. Your sewing skills certainly aren't suffering. Nice blocks.


Your colour choice is always so amazing. And very inspiring.

Now I only have to get rid of three children and a husband and I can get some sewing done...

ha ha ha. Not.


The baskets are wonderful (I am a basket block fan) and you have done a wonderful job with the neutrals. I am particularly enamoured with the pinwheel type blocks on the right of the photo. Do show more of them! Thanks for sharing.

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