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November 02, 2006



What a complete drag about the Koigu. Never heard that one before, especially not with them.

Typepad is giving me fits tonight -- can't even seem to get in...it just takes forever to load.

Your FBS is looking lovely already! The "when whim strikes" factor is such a great argument for having a good stash, isn't it?


Good for you for tackling the charts. They're pretty simple once you get going, I think.
And Emily's yarn is lovely - enjoy it.


That is going to be a beautiful, autumnal FBS. I have get to tackle a shawl -- shawl-phobic, think!


Jan, you are making my heart go pitter pat seeing my yarn used in LACE! And the FBS is such a satisfying knit. I can't wait to see it finished.


I love the Emily's yarns. I just bought some green the other day. An FBS might be just the thing for it, great idea!


thanks for the links! my buddy, corbett, and i bumped into norma just outside of a barn where we had just fondled the peace fleece. corbett was sold on the color and how it blooms, so we went back inside and he bought enough for his *next* sweater :)
and also i added betz white to my bloglines.
that sucks about the koigu. i do feel there's much lacking in quality control. some of my colorways i've knitted are much loftier than others, some feel rough, and i think the yardage is just getting shorter and shorter.
i've not made the leap of knitting up sock yarn into shawls and wraps (yet). but, i did buy a big hank of wool at rhinebeck with the intention of making socks. that idea flew out the window when i realized my super hank has over 1100 yds on it :)


Oooo... the Sophie's Toes yarn is gorgeous. And I *hate* it when there are knots or breaks in yarn (especially when I pay good money for it). Argh.

Scribbles & Bits

Wow that sucks about the Koigu. The sock you have is lovely!


Isn't it grand to have all the supplies to start an "on a whim" project? Crappy about your sock though, not fair. Thanks so much for the links!


I found Betz blog earlie today while looking for felting pincushions! Saved it right away! Can you get more yarn for another sock or do they really need to come from the one bunch?

Fabulous even if it's a lone sock!


How does Koigu wear and wash when knitted up as socks (assuming the quality is such that one CAN actually knit it into anything...)? I've limited my sock knitting to wool/nylon yarns and have been reluctant to make 100% wool socks.

And I agree about charted knitting not being so bad after all. A written-out row of lace instructions looks like gobbledegook to me but a chart is nice and clear. The shawl is looking gorgeous even in its larval stage.


Dang, what are you going to do about that skein?? Hopefully koigu will replace it...

Looking forward to seeing your FBS develop!

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