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July 18, 2006



I have always lived in old houses. And I think I want to live in a new house someday. You know, with closets and floors and walls that are actually square, and more than one bathroom! But maybe I wouldn't be so happy after all, eh?


You have pegged my personality exactly! I think we might be twins. :-) I love mixing old and new, quirky and elegant. It keeps things more interesting.


Jan-you have perfectly captured all my decorating problems. The huge wall. What are you supposed to do with it? Especially when it's next to the front door and a huge piece of furniture just doesn't work there. All it does is clutter up the walk way. You walk in my door, you're in the living room. But I have 10 ft of wall to do something with and right now my husband says the stuff on it just looks dumb. So there ya go.

I guess if I ever had time to actually piece a quilt that would be an option. I'm the world's slowest quilter.

gray la gran

cool rug! that's how i live, how you "lived". my apt. is in an 80+ yr. old house. the good thing is that it was intentially built to be separate apts, so there aren't any super-nonfunctional arrangements. only my bed/mattress and sewing cabinets are new items. all the rest is from the thrift store or roadside.
regarding the big blank walls ... that i have no problems filling, as i own at least one painting that is the size of a queen bed.


Ihave the opposite problem. Our house is mostly windows and doors and open area with very limited wall space. Everyone in the family (husband,4 kids and me the quilter)is an artist so we have tons of art in boxes,shelves,etc. I need more empty wall space. Our house is old but remodeled several times so our thrift shop furniture looks ok to me.


I too have a foyer without a rug after 2 years of living here. I just saw something in an ad that I think I might like and it reminds me of yours. Same colors, though it's a bunch of circle designs. Anyway, you're not alone in have a hard time deciding what fits. We also have a big bare spot over the mantel, which is huge, because we can't agree on what should be up there!

We mostly have the same problem as Joyce though, because we have so many doors and windows that there is little wall space except for the hallway outside the kids' bedrooms. I've got more quilts in mind for that space in the future.

Oh, and thanks for the links too!

Tonya R

I love that carpet - it's beautiful and fun. Sorry about the walls dilemma. I love the look of a whole bunch of stuff on the walls. Framed art, quilts, clocks, whatever ya got. But I expect that could be trouble too if the wall is still toooooo big. Would one of your bed sized quilts look good up there? You could add plenty of sunshine!


that rug is amazingly beautiful! it just pops. and on a dreary day wouldn't it be fun to look at it for a lift? yes! i think that it is wonderful that you found it and waited... we just did that too with a table in nyc which we will get in sept.
thanks for the shout out too jan. you are too kind!


That rug is fantastic!

If you want to drool on more rugs, check this out www.therugcompany.org

There are some insanely beautiful rugs in there. Don't bother asking the price though... unless you won the lottery that is.


thanks for the boost! great blog... come visit us again sometime, we'll be back to see you :)

Sarah and Kathy

Barbara Robson

Jan, we are kindred spirits! I love the rug! We live in a 130 year old fisherman's house here in Nova Scoita, on the ocean. I thought we had lots of windows, 24. They are all being replaced as I type, we hated to do it but the old ones (and some are as old as the house) were just too drafty even with storms windows. I have a basket of those big pine cones too and we work in the same colour pallette. We must be related!
Barbara Robson in hot and humid Nova Scotia


I didn't know Kaffe Fausett made rugs!!??!! Looks just like one of his fabrics! Love it!


I would expect nothing less but bright and bold rugs for you! :)


Jan, I love the rug and the sneak peek at your home. Very pretty. I think I try to find the same balance between new, antique, crafted and artsy. Ideally, I'd like Pottery Barn and Oliliy to crash into each other in my living room. That'd be divine.

Also, any ideas where I can get a sock monkey pattern? I'm going to make a couple of these for Christmas gifts.


I've always lived in modern houses and now I'm in a big old farm house. I love the house but some of my furniture just doesn't work. Maybe we could trade some pieces! One thing I've realized, well designed pieces fit anywhere. Your choice for the rug is beautiful. Such glorious colors to see everyday. That sock monkey quilt was too cute. I sent the link off to a few more fans I know.


We live in an open floor plan home, and it is hard to decorate! Where does one room end, and the other begin? I love the rug...I would snatch it up and put it in my house if I could!


That new rug is too fun! I love it!

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