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July 27, 2006



don't you just love when things happen without planning? they're almost always so much better! Serendipity it's a wonderful things.

I've been toying with the idea of hexagon flowers for ages but... can you do it by machine? I don't think I've got the patience for hand sewing.

Anyway, I love the result. the black rocks!


oh, and it reminds me of your carpet that you can just about see in the picture on the right...


Pretty flowers, are you going to use black to go between them?

Lisa D.

Wow, that is really stunning with the black background. Love it!

KriKristin La Flamme

Monica beat me to it--I love the way the hexagon flowers reflect the colors and energy of your "new" rug below. I don't think you could go wrong with any arrangement of your flowers :-)


Very cool photo!
I love your hexagon flowers -- they are beautiful.


Great idea! I too am wondering if you will end up using black between them, I love how the colors pop!


I like it...well no, I love it so far. I think that black makes all the colors pop and even squinting I can't see anything standing out at the moment.


SO pretty! The black background really makes the colors pop.


I've never seen hexagon flowers with black in the back but I love it. It makes the colors look so intense. Also gives it a modern look.


The picture is gorgeous and so is your quilt layout. The colors are glowing on the black background.


These look stunning on the background. I love all the colours you used - a really modern hexagon quilt.


Those have turned out beautifully! Such great work.


I wasn't going to use black to piece between the hexes, but now that I see yours - wow! You can see a sneak peek of some of mine on my blog.


Oh, I love the black - perfect!


Very gasp worthy! Lovely!!


Oooh they look great set against the black. ARe you going to use black? You obviously like the colours in your rug!!

Yep, photos do give you a different sense of perspective don't they?

Tonya R

Wow - amazing. Yes, I do better looking at photos too, than looking at my work in the real world. I've also noticed that some of the Tentmaker Applique just looks incredibly stunning in photos, and I didn't even notice they were there in person...


Those hexagon flowers look amazing!


Absolutely stunning!!


play is SO good for us ... beautiful colors on black jan!


OK, if you insist on not sending yang to me, can I at least come over and drool over this one when it's done???
Like you, I think that the combo with the rug is just stunning!


I really love using black as a background color instead of white. Looks wonderful...I love the way the flowers pop!!


I love the hexagons on the black - very dramatic!


I love your hexagons! Such lovely bright colours, and the black background really makes them glow. I love your floral rug as well :-)


I love your flowers - the colors and fabric choices are so perfect. And I really like the black in between too - I don't think I've seen a black flower garden before. I know it is just a design board now -- but how stunning!


That's great. So, what are you going to do with the hexagon flowers?


I agree - the black really makes the flowers pop. Are you planning to sew them with a background or directly connected?

Glad you kept the rug.


What a beautiful indoor garden.


cool! quilt and rug----love 'em both!


I love the contrast of the black fabric. Your flowers are great - my mom started a grandmother's flower garden quilt long long ago. Now I have the top and have been wondering what I should do with it. I might cut it up to make some tote bags...hmmm... :)


I find myself drawn to dark backgrounds over and over. Your hexagons just dance across that top!


that quilt's going to be so amazing...


You mentioned that a photo helps you to see scale and placement rather then staring at the design wall. Another way to judge placement is to view the design wall in the mirror. I had to move my design wall into our bedroom, and when I passed the large mirror in our room, and glanced at the image of the design wall in it, the changes needed in placement became obvious. By the way, stunning quilts on your site!


Can you machine piece hexagons? I want to do some like yours but am not into hand piecing.
I was thinking of making the flowers then applique'ing them to a white background (or black!!!) Then putting them into an irish chain setting. yada, yada...

Mary Anne

I just wanted to share my quilt that I made from Folded Hexagons - Grandma's Flower Gardern. I saw your post over two years ago and it inspired me to use my scrap batiks and black. Thanks!


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