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March 24, 2006



Exellent use of foreshadowing in your felting tale. :) And thanks for the warning about LP for those!


LOL it's cute in a weird way but I get what you mean. I love the brochure though- looks so fun!! And um yum syrup.


I saw the Nonibags and flowers at my LYS last week. They are fabulous and I'm more impressed now that I see you did a fine job of recreation!


Been reading bemused off and on for a bit and enjoying it more and more. Thanks for the introduction to Nonibags (and the warning/insight about LP). I can't say I don't like the LP flower, though - maybe it is something that looks better, more intentional, en masse?


oh yesssss the gingerbread syrup!!! So Deee-lish!!!We have a small coffee shop in my town that has this special "holiday traditions" flavored coffee that is similiar in flavor..I love to savor it as long as possible till it becomes available again!!!!!


Okay, as soon as I read your post I ran down the block to my local Starbucks where I attempted to buy the very same syrup you did.....and was told that they can't sell the "special promo" flavors they even tried to scan it to show me that I was wrong that someone in blog land bought it! When scanned it came up not for sale only for store use! So now I am GREEN with jealousy! So enjoy yours- :-(


It's cute but I can see why it's not what you expected. Better luck next time!


Hi Jan!
Thanks for the link and the comments!! And thanks again for delivering our knitpicks yarn to Japan!! I'm so happy Molly gave me the nudge to try a bigger project! Happy knitting!


Thank you for blogging your experience with Lamb's Pride and the Noni Bags' Unfurling Rose! You were mighty helpful, dear!

I actually love how yours turned out!


Thank you for linking Cilla's bugs! We just got the whole swarm of them up in the gallery -- 38 of them -- and if that doesn't hearld in spring here in NH, nothing will.
On a side note ... those flowers are simply devine!



Those bags are so cute -- I had not seen them before. So, so cute! It will be fun to watch the progress on your bag. I had to smile at your comment about service providers, just like here in the Northeast, don't you think :-)


I saw those fun patterns at my LYS - they are just so adorable! Thanks for the link so I could see them again! Definitely Dr. Seuss (and that is cool in my book!)
I really like the way the flower looks - very whimsical.

Have a good weekend, Jan!


I LOVE that flower! One of these days I really will sit down and make one. OTherwise, I'll just keep stealing them from the other girls in the shop who already know how to....


Love the Noni felted flowers. I just ordered some patterns after reading your post. I found the patterns over at:


They had them in stock.
Thanks again.


The flower is just beautiful and such a great choice of colour too. Why don't we get anything like this in England?


Maybe the flower doesn't look the way you wished but I think she's a cutie... looks delicious to me. Yummy color!


The nonibags are fabulous - I love the wacky little details!

Passions & Distractions

But I think it's cute! No, it's not floppy, but the spiral is really pronounced and I like that!


I have those same Noni patterns, so I giggled when I saw your flower - definitely different then on the pattern cover! I'll remember to use the yarns they call for instead!

It is really adorable though with that corkscrew!


Great links, and I LIKE your flower, poor thing.

the kim half of glamorouse

Those Noni things are GORGEOUS. Absolutely. And in the most divine colours. Man. I am so impressed.


Oh, no, not scary at all! It's so cool!


Thank you for the before and after of the Noni flower in Lambs Pride - you have undoubtably saved me some work because I too love LP for felting and had decided "oh this bag will rock in LP"! I will stick with the Cascade for the embellishments. which definitiely felts differently, based on your review - although it still looked awesome, a little too "pulled in" - thank you!!


I love the corkscrew - how did you do that? My e-m a i l is

izazbz@yahoo.com. (:

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