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June 22, 2005



You made me laugh (snort?) out loud! You know I still bear the scars of "the psycho" (as he has hence forth been known in our household) that came to install cable internet at our house about 5 years and at least that many houses ago. I was feeling fragile as it was, it was the morning I was due to go back to work after 2 weeks unplanned "holiday" (polite term for stress leave), but his visit was the end of me.

He called our house at 11 pm the night before to ask when to come. My husband said "late, like 9ish". He turned up at 7:30am with his wife and children in tow! He had dirty overalls and knee pads on, complete with goggles round his neck and hair that stood on end and looked like he had been crawling round under floors all night. He also spoke english rather badly (though very loudly and with much dramatic hand waving) and clearly had no idea how to do the job at hand, so my husband (the IT specialist) had to stay home for the morning and alternately show him what to do and come upstairs and try to coax me out of the bedroom where I was cowering on the bed and begging him to "get that psycho out of my house". By the time it was over I tried to go back to work just to get away from the experience, which was clearly a bad idea because I finished the day by taking another 6 weeks stress leave. The job was stupidly stressful and it turns out I had a nasty abscessed tooth festering at the time but never the less we still blame the cable guy for that period of our lives.


OMG, I love the letter. Sorry you never got out to the garden...it would have done you good. But it sounds like you definitely had wikked sperytis all day, eh? Let's not discuss the flying carpenter ants, shall we? I've been denying they are eating up the south side of my house for...um....three years? I'll send Mowo for the wikked sperytis.


Comncast is evil. Save yourself the pain and time and endless pointless waiting and get DSL.
What a drag - but visualizing you in a vintage apron while it was ongoing makes it better, I must say.


Jan, thankyou so much for the lovely welcome you left for me.
In regards to your flying carpenter ants, when my Dad died, we were delighted to (eventually) find his digital camera. We thought there would be some final, poignant images to remember him by, as he loved photography.
What we found was, 22 pictures of the giant blow-flies that had nested inside his fireplace that spring. Nice.

Teresa C

Gosh, I hate when real life gets in the way of knitting or gardening or whatever I REALLY want to do. :)

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